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Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace

Well in two weeks Microsoft is going to close the web version of Marketplace for Windows Mobile 6 and will stop accepting submissions.

I have about three apps up there now, each two with planned updates in the pipeline plus a few in development, and two weeks to finish them. Does not look like thats going to happen.

OBDMobile 1.2 is practically done and is the most important, it has been more or less redone and greatly improved, im hoping to make it to where it will display nice in landscape mode without scrolling like 1.1 but i don’t think that will be done in time. That should be submitted this week and im trying to get in as much testing as i can in such a short time.

The updates i had planned for RingTimer such as: GPS, Maps, Routes, accelerometer and more wont beĀ  done in time, so instead i had to remove pretty much all of those in order to make it. So basicly i just updated the GUI.

FlickPick i have not even looked at, and it probably needs the updating the most. Maps, Routes, Directions and reviews plus a GUI over hall is all needed for that one.

So what will happen after July 15th? Well the idea is all future updates will be posted on the site, FlickPick and RingTimer will probably become free and probably wont get the updates they need.

People will be able to purchase OBDMobile for Windows 6.x through paypal and there will be a way for people to update them as well.

Most of the efforts will then be placed towards Windows Phone 7 which i am totally digging for the most part, really looking forward to Mango.