Schools Over

Well i am finally done with college, I get to walk the stage on Sunday and pick up my Software Engineering Degree. I have already excepted a full time position working on what should be some cool projects.

So then what now? Well activity here will probably stay about the same as it is (relatively nonexistent). Im still waiting on the Sprint Windows Phone 8, though i am playing with the idea of just going and picking up a cheap prepaid Windows Phone 8 like the one Walmart is selling: to work on it. I also have a list of small projects i would also like to work on.

My senior design project, which took up most of my time this last 6 months or so, was a”Interactive Mirror”. It was a mirror that you stood in-front of. It would know someone was in front of it then do a face recognition scan to see who you are. If recognized it would log you into and display a GUI for a whole bunch of stuff such as Facebook, Twitter, Fitbit, News, Weather, Calendar. and all kinds of other cool stuff.  It had voice control, voice dictation, hand gestures, mouse control, mouse and keyboard support and so on. It played music, it displayed images. I of course was dumb and did not take that many pictures of it, nor did i take any video of it running:

Interactive Mirror SystemInside IMS

Learned a lot about the Microsoft Kinect and there things so don’t be to surprise if you see some write ups about how it was done.

I have a few weeks until Work starts so ill try and get some cool stuff done by then.

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