Winter Break

Its winter break now, so i try to come up with a todo list for the next month or at least try and attempt to be constructive.

I had a fire sale on my BT connectors, wanted to clear out stock and i did, even threw in free copies of OBDMobile to hurry it along.

Once that was done, and now i know that WP7/8/RT/Surface does not openly allow ad-hoc or blue tooth serial port profile i told my self i would make OBDMobile free so i did.

The one on Intel’s AppUp though i still need to “free”, but i think i sold like 2 copies on there so i guess there is no hurry.

A “jail broken” ROM for my phone came out in the last month or so, and the guys of XDA has figured out, from what i know, how to access the serial port among other things so my main goal for this break is to get a home-brewed version of OBDMobile running on Windows Phone 7. Stuff like this is what i will always miss from Windows Mobile 6 is the ability to do almost anything on it, but i guess that’s the trade off for having a enjoyable UI.  From what i can tell Microsoft has been trying to get away from BT SPP for years now, but with all the parts already there i don’t see why they cant keep supporting it. My guess it must be a security thing, in class in the Senior Design lab i was easily able to connect and mess with another teams blue tooth thing that allowed serial port access. Which i guess was not to nice since they started freaking out and they had a big presentation the next day for it lol.

Speaking of Senior Design, my group is wanting to work on that all break and being the unofficial “tech lead” of the group might mean ill have to help 😛

As for SideAmp, which i guess its a project only i seem to love, it is now pretty much unneeded anymore. MS killed off SideShow, which i have been toying with porting to Windows Phone 7/8 but there is not really a big reason to. You can still install SideShow on Windows 8 and even SideBar gadgets which i find more useful in a desktop setting than Live Tiles are but they are unsupported. After updating to Windows 8 x64 my sideshow drivers on my devices no longer work, and though i asked for updates, they are not interested. I played with updating the drivers myself but W8 has some parts that make it not particularly fun. Though i can still access it on non-sideshow ways and i might port a smaller copy of SideAmp for just that purpose for Zune and WinAmp but im pretty sure some one has already done something similar a long time ago.  Thought about making a WinRT SideAmp app but if  Zune, i mean “X-Box Music” is still a mess then i dont see the point in it.

I am still a bit surprised that they abandoned SideShow, at least without replacing it with something better. I see plenty of apps on the marketplace that involve some sort of “driver” or a method of getting data between the phone and computer, something SideShow was pretty decent at. I know MS wants people to interact and use Azure which lead to some pretty stupid discussions with MS when WP7 first came out.  WP8 and its NFC communications stuff, and with Nokia actually trying things with it like in its overly expensive charger speaker dock system. Maybe someone should develop a general NFC usb connector thingy, though i know some laptops have something built in now.

Oh well, in the end i will probably just sit around drinking hot chocolate and blowing all my time and money on Steam’s Winter sale.

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