WinRT demo at School

I happen to walk into a Windows 8 Pro and Surface running Windows RT at the UC between classes today. There was two college reps, who i assumed where picked because they looked like “hip college kids” and not for their knowledge of Win8 because they spent more time hugging and talking with friends then answering questions, which is fine because most of their answers were completely wrong anyways.

Spent some time with the Surface RT and it looked surprising like Window 8 Pro too much like it i think, i believe you could easily show it to people and they would never know the difference until they try to install a application and have it fail. One of the major problems i have been having was with loading app speeds, like i discussed last time i and others having noticed that Metro apps take a long time to load. Sometimes 2-3 times longer than native apps, i loaded up the mail app on WinRT and it took 9 seconds, that’s still way to slow i think, especially on a flag ship model like Surface. This was about the same on all of the metro apps such as Music and others. This should be instant just like on Windows Phone systems.

I then wanted to see if you can have static ips and ad-hoc on RT and getting to it acts and looks exactly the same as on Win8, you can do static ip address on WinRT but the WiFi on the card did not have ad-hoc. I know seeing on some WinRT that its not required, but i wonder if some wifi cards will have the option, surface at least did not.

I should have picked it up, i dont know why, but with it sitting as in laptop mode using touch, at least with out knowing any touch shortcuts it was not very easy. From desktop mode about 9 out of 10 times i would hit IE instead of the start screen which was annoying. So at least outside of Metro it was not all that touch friendly.

I then hopped on over to Windows 8 Pro, i think it was on a acer, i forget, to run some timed tests so i made sure Mail was not open and clicked it, expecting another 9 second wait. Nope, it opened up instantly. Same with Xbox music, same with anything, it all nope nearly instantly. Now this is how it should react. So then why does Surface run so slow? Why does my desktop, running i5 same as this acer run so slow? I need to take a trip to Best Buy or wherever and compare more, i also posted the question over to reddit to get their numbers.

Another thing, which i hear is a common trend, is that the MS reps do not really know the differences between RT and the full Win8, one of the reps was completely confident in that you could fully install and run iTunes on the Surface RT. Another interesting note, which i felt a bit bad for the rep though, was some one was really liking the Surface. He was very enthusiastic as he talked and all of that. So the rep asked him if he would be interested in buying a Surface, and without skipping a bit he says “No”. It threw her off a bit, so she asked “you seamed to really like the surface, why would you not buy one?” “Its not a iPad” he responded. “But”, she responded, “we were just discussing all of the things this does that the iPad does not (she lists a few) for about the same cost” and he cuts her off “doesn’t matter, its not a iPad”  and walks off. How do you argue that?

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