OBDMobile WinRT/Metro/WP8?

Bit of a ramble…

Ok, been doing a bunch of research for my senior design project which just so happens to run along OBDMobile research and i am coming up with some future issues for OBDMobile on Windows 8 Metro side, WinRT and Windows Phone 8.

Now the desktop section of Windows 8 on non-ARM processors run just like they would on Windows 7 but Metro which is said to be using a form of WinRT, well, depends on who you ask, some say its not true WinRT but whatever the truth is doesn’t matter (some say it might be possible to port it back to Win7). Metro (WinRT) is said to be a sand-boxed environment much like Windows Phone 7/8 almost to where during development you should imagine it as being two separate systems. So you have Metro and like Windows 7.8 sitting behind it.

So with Metro sandboxed, what all can we access? Well not blue tooth SSP (serial) which i would guess means we wont be able to access it in Windows Phone 8 as well and probably not in WinRT proper. The lack of serial blue tooth access is of course making a lot of people a bit upset. A lot of things use BT SSP that are still using Windows Mobile 5/6 who was hoping to move to WP7 to then 7.5 to now 7.8 to finally WP8 who are now looking towards alternatives (Android/iOS). This includes me, what made OBDMobile work is that BT connectors are cheap, well are cheap now, and they run off simple BT serial. WiFi ones are still $100+ and there is talk of some proximity APIs but i would bet that any connector using that wont be cheap either. Now at least with Windows 8, it looks like you can still connect to ad hoc networks, and it seams that metro can still use sockets so there is a chance for OBDMobile using Wifi using Windows 8. But i dont know about the dedicated ARM tablets using “pure” WinRT. Can that connect to ad hoc? Can Windows Phone 8 connect to ad hoc? Guess once i get my replacement ram ill work on a proof of concept for OBDMobile Metro this weekend or so.

I would think that once Windows 8 and WinRT is truly out there, there will be (and has already started) a big outcry for BT SSP in Metro, with WP7 its easy to ignore because of its user base, but i dont think that will work on a much larger user base that Windows 8 and WinRT tablets will bring in.

If WinRT is made for ARM processors then what is Windows Embedded Standard 8 for? Is it running Win32 and WinRT? Is it going to be metro only? Is WinRT metro only? I keep hearing different things from different places. Another weekend project is to get WES8 up and running to see what it is.

So i guess in short, OBDMobile might be on metro for WiFi connectors only, which means it might be on WP8 for Wifi only. But who knows all of this can change in a few months once W8 hits retail.

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