Monthly Archives: January 2012

Spring Semester

Best laid plans right?

Well as i was hoping wouldn’t happen, XMAS got me into holiday mode and with a mix of good Steam Sales and a back log of Netflix and Anime i pretty much did nothing constructive over break.

I spent a whole week just marathoning games, such as Crysis (and warhead), SW: Empire at War(surprisingly fun!), FEAR 2, Bullet Storm, Homefront (was lame), Chantelise, Battlefront 2, Red Faction G, and others. To then spent the next week marathoning anime: Air, Air Movie(better than the show), Kanon, Clannad, Clannad AS, Hen Zemi, Hurahi-chan, and a few missed specials from Elfen Lied, Clannad, K-On and caught up with Wafku, good times but none productive.

So now school is starting back up, had planned to have a OBDMobile for Android and SideAmp for WP7 running by now but nope. Now i have about 16 hours of classes set for this semester. Good thing is that most of them are related to projects i am working on or interested in so that should be very helpful. In fact some can be used for extra credit.

Of course school comes first but other than that i should be able to become productive again. Im sure some of these i said last time but my first goal now is to get a decent “demo” disk to ship out to replace the crappy factory one with the OBD Connectors. Then i want to revise the debugging and licensing stuff for OBDMobile and try and make it officially “Windows 7” certified. Then have a Android version running around (one school project is to basically convert a C# program to Java how convenient) then with a Windows/Android/Whatever else base is to then advertise it everywhere to get feed back and reviews. Then use that data/feedback to do OBDMobile 2 over the summer. Along that time i will have some smaller WP7 and .net projects every now and then. If i keep on it right then i can do the projects along the school projects and get two birds with one stone.

On another good note is that i have noticed more and more Windows Phone 7’s on campus. I can only think of one out in the public, but i have seen quite a lot on campus.

So should be a good semester, with a slight chance of graduating in the Fall.