Winter Break

Alright Winter Break started today, i have about a month  until Spring starts so im hoping to get some work done. My main goal is to get a Android version of OBDMobile up and running, both for phone and tablet. Secondary goal is to get a connector of some kind working to at least prove that getting OBDMobile on Windows Phone 7 is possible. They are opening up Windows Store for Windows 8 in February, so for invite only for free apps but a goal is to get a Metro OBDMobile running sometime around then. I have a few hardware items planned up that should be pretty nifty. Along with a group of more smaller projects. My wife is also gonna be off the next three weeks so the chances of me getting anything done got a lot smaller 😛

So i generally have my work cut out for me for the next month or so, should be fun and productive.

I was also one of the lucky ones who picked up a HP Touchpad tablet on Sunday for $150, already over clocked to 1.7 and dual booting  Android so maybe ill play around with WebOS over break.

I have cleaned up a bit and also moved most of the OBDMobile stuff to

So yea expect some cool stuff this next month or so

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