Monthly Archives: December 2011

Christmas Eve

Its Christmas Eve and i get to spend most of it with my family which is cool.

Picked up a HP Touchpad during HP’s crazy weekend ebay fire sale. Overclocked it and dual-booted Android on it the day it came in. Its kind of cool i guess, runs a older form of Android 2.3.7 but other than for development usage i dont really know what to do with it. Its cool but with Android on it its going through its battery faster than my Atom netbook does with Windows 7. With OneNote not on android im playing around with Evernote, not like i used OneNote anyways and i hope it becomes a great tool for school. So we will see if it was a good $150 investment. I dont see why someone would want to spend 500 plus on any non-“real” OS tablet, but im hoping for a Windows 8 port to it 😛

I have been playing around a lot more with SideAmp for Windows Phone 7 then i planned. SideAmp is kind of at a cross roads. It was made just to work with Windows SideShow and SideBar. But Microsoft has pretty much said that they with Windows 8 its going Metro with it. I mean you cant download any more SideShow/SideBar gadgets from MS anymore. Which is fine because their distribution system for it was crap. I am kind of playing around with the SideShow drivers hoping to come up with a Windows Phone 7 compatible system. I knew a guy who supposedly already made one but hes not answering to anyone and it seams like his group has move passed it. If that ends up working maybe i can beat that horse a little longer.

Anyhow SideAmp is at a crossroads. Do i keep it like it is and let it die with SideShow/SideBar? Do i move it over to the mobile side and compete in that area? I mean Zemote for WP7 is much more in depth then i have any intention of being. WinAmp has a app already on Android so who knows. I mean my only driving force is that i love my little SideShow display i created SideAmp for but there is not 64 bit drivers, and my next system will be 64, but i do have the drivers for it so i could try and hack it over to 64.

What i will probably end up doing is cleaning up the SideAmp GUI to fit the Mobile remote stuff on it, release a app for WP7 and Android and kind of see where it falls. I could try and make it Metro friendly but i would think that Zune and WinAmp will have Metro versions by then. Part of me also wants to make it Open Source and just throw it out there so maybe ill do that too.

I do have some more small apps i want to turn out for WP7, with it being holiday i have not tried to do anything to in depth. Though i should really be working on OBDMobile for Android…

Winter Break

Alright Winter Break started today, i have about a month  until Spring starts so im hoping to get some work done. My main goal is to get a Android version of OBDMobile up and running, both for phone and tablet. Secondary goal is to get a connector of some kind working to at least prove that getting OBDMobile on Windows Phone 7 is possible. They are opening up Windows Store for Windows 8 in February, so for invite only for free apps but a goal is to get a Metro OBDMobile running sometime around then. I have a few hardware items planned up that should be pretty nifty. Along with a group of more smaller projects. My wife is also gonna be off the next three weeks so the chances of me getting anything done got a lot smaller 😛

So i generally have my work cut out for me for the next month or so, should be fun and productive.

I was also one of the lucky ones who picked up a HP Touchpad tablet on Sunday for $150, already over clocked to 1.7 and dual booting  Android so maybe ill play around with WebOS over break.

I have cleaned up a bit and also moved most of the OBDMobile stuff to

So yea expect some cool stuff this next month or so