Hope everyone had a good Halloween and all that.

I have been playing around in Android with Eclipse, and all though i am familiar with Java, Eclipse and all that its not exactly fun. Im trying to port over the current version of OBDMobile to Android and have been working on the metro stuff for WP7 for OBDMobile in the hopes that XDA or someone cracks the ad-hoc problem. I have also been in talks with some manufacturers to start up our own hardware connector. Nothing major at first just a variation of what we have been selling but with a few changes . Once that gains a hold we will be trying to branch out into more specific designs and hopefully even specialized hardware with at least one being WP7 compatible.Ā  I am hoping to have a Android port and the first batch connectors out for the holidays.

There have been a few background changes to the site, it should be loading up faster for you. It was designed for a bunch of small programs but with larger applications like OBDMobile and SideAmp its a bit cramped. I will be splitting OBDMobile off into its own site: in the upcoming weeks. That should help with some confusion.

Intel AppUp is doing about as good as i expected, and also as expected Intel never sent my connectors back šŸ˜›

There submission process is very different than with Microsoft’s app marketplace for example Intel actually tested to see if my app worked. MS just tested to make sure i didn’t break anything. This and the fact MS is wanting app numbers shows something interesting, Marketplace is full of crap applications. The amount of just straight up copyright infringing apps is just mind blowing. Luckily thought they drop to the bottom of the barrel. Also the amount of generic public domain books on Marketplace is amazing. There are like ten versions of the same public book selling for $4.99 that you can read online for free, maybe im in the wrong business šŸ˜›

As always i am always looking for comments and ideas for OBDMobile, im always stuck on the building mind set so its harder for me to see it and go, man it would be awesome if it did this or that. So comments are always welcomed.

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