Monthly Archives: October 2011

OBDMobile on Intel AppUp

You can now download and install OBDMobile through Intel’s AppUp marketplace.

This week is midterm week and ALCS for baseball (Go Rangers 3-1) after that i have some plans to work more on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Mango is out and is nice, but it is still missing Blue Tooth API and Ad-Hoc WIFI support so OBDMobile is at a stand still for now. I am planning on porting a form of SideAmp to Windows Phone among other apps planned for it. Unless something changes on the WP front i might let OBDMobile simmer for a while.  I do have a road map for OBDMobile 2 planned out which kind of relies on WP and Windows 8 working themselves out and it will be a major update. That probably wont be released until next year, i still have more update plans for OBDMobile 1.x

The WP version of SideAmp is kind of going to decide on what way that will go in the future.

I also have a new major project planned, which is more like a lot of smaller related projects.

I also want to port these all over to Android eventually but who knows if i will ever have time.