OBDMobile for Windows 1.0

Well OBDMobile for Windows version 1.0 is done, it has been tested and can now be purchased at http://www.rklenka.com for $14.99 it even has a 3 day trail period to see if you even like it.

It will soon be available on Intel’s AppUp as soon as i get my code signature verification. Which i started a few weeks back, man its a bit of a pain. I got it through Comodo via tucows for those who are interested. To then find out that Microsoft prefers VeriSign, and also that Intel would have paid for the processing fee for Comodo. Which means to qualify for all the fun Windows certificates i get to do it all again through VeriSign. Microsoft does give you a discount, but the catch i guess is you cant use it to sign code. In other words they are using it to verify identity not to sign.  So it i would just end up in the same place anyways.

One plan for this blog was to use it a bit like a developer blog. Ill do a write up, kind of like a “Making of” OBDMobile some time soon if any one is interested.

So go try it and buy it and let me know if there are any problems.


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