OBDMobile for Windows

Here are two preview pictures of OBDMobile for Windows. Im still playing with the GUI so it could all change. Right now it shares about 95% of the same code as with the WM version. That means that any update for one could be easily added to the other. The only difference right now is the GUI and Graphing sections. There rest are interchangeable.

As for Windows Mobile version, its stuck in Limbo. It was submitted before the deadline  but was approved after. I have been sending tickets to MS to get the update on the catalog but with no luck, they have not responded. There it is a huge update from OBDMobile 1.1 so its well worth the effort. Soon you will be able to get it off the website and maybe even other app stores.

The Windows Phone 7 version is even worse off. Even with Mango there is still no Blue Tooth API or decent Socket APIs so there is no way to directly access the OBD Connector.

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  1. Nice app. When will there be OBD support for Windows Phone? Surely MS will add something to allow access via Bluetooth or WLAN?

    • One would think so, and MS is aware that BT support is one of the top feature requests and Windows Phone 7 is based off the Mobile platform meaning it is quite capable of doing everything WM6 could do. Rumors generally have it that its mostly due to them trying to keep everything in a the “WP7 Sandbox” and to generally fall into the whole Metro functionality which is basically to keep everything as simple as possible to not have the same problems as WM6. Right now there really is not much of Blue Tooth API but they added a lot of the Wifi stuff but it cant connect to a Ad-hoc network like Wifi OBD Connectors like KIWI uses. So the WiFi would work if it was possible for the phone to do Ad-hoc networking, which there might be a chance with Mango but i have not gotten it to work with the Dev phones.

  2. Was looking for Bluetooth capability and this application for Windows Phone 7 as well to go with my new phone.


    • OBDMobile for Windows has blue tooth capability, and OBDMobile for Windows Phone 7 will be released as soon as Microsoft gives us access to Bluetooth or Ad-Hoc networking because right now there is no way to get the data to the phone.

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