Monthly Archives: August 2011

OBDMobile for Windows

Here are two preview pictures of OBDMobile for Windows. Im still playing with the GUI so it could all change. Right now it shares about 95% of the same code as with the WM version. That means that any update for one could be easily added to the other. The only difference right now is the GUI and Graphing sections. There rest are interchangeable.

As for Windows Mobile version, its stuck in Limbo. It was submitted before the deadline  but was approved after. I have been sending tickets to MS to get the update on the catalog but with no luck, they have not responded. There it is a huge update from OBDMobile 1.1 so its well worth the effort. Soon you will be able to get it off the website and maybe even other app stores.

The Windows Phone 7 version is even worse off. Even with Mango there is still no Blue Tooth API or decent Socket APIs so there is no way to directly access the OBD Connector.