Summer Time

Well it is now summer time, finals are over and i think i did OK, official grades will be announced next week.

Summer classes isnt for a few weeks so im hoping to get a lot of development work done.

Most of the next update for OBDMobile is done, mostly final touches and GUI optimizations because its a bit of a mess.

The netbook version of OBDMobile should come out quickly after words, i dont know if i want to wait until they are both done and have some way of integrating the two since they will run off like %90 of the same code or what. I will then start working on the ground work on the Windows Phone 7 version, the problem with that one is that they have not released a blue tooth API for it yet, meaning it might only work with the WIFI version if at all so that’s kind of a downer. I can think of a few ways of getting it to work but none of them are all to pretty. I also want to update Ringtimer, FlickPick and the others and get them out on WP7. People keep asking me for the P90X app so i guess i should release that too. I need to figure out what to do with SideAmp since Microsoft abandoned SideShow. I know a guy who worked on a android/WP& plug in but i have not heard anything from him in a wail. Intel though who have contacting me at least once a month since like forever to get SideAmp on their AppUp marketplace i keep saying that SideAmp is nothing to special and that OBDMobile is better for netbooks but he doesn’t seam to agree. When i gave him a little test demo which i knew i should not have done on both SideAmp and OBDMobile for Netbooks (not connected to a car or gps or anything) it was a huge fail for both programs, lessons learned i guess. Oh well.

Its summer, i should have passed everything and i have some cool projects to work on so im excited, at least until summer classes start.

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  1. “I can think of a few ways of getting it to work but none of them are all to pretty” – any chance you could tell me how? Would love to have a solution for OBD and Windows Phone 7!

    • One of the updates with Mango was to allow better multi-player support so they included all of the APIs that OBDMobile uses for Wifi connections, but WP7 does not see Ad-Hoc networks which is what WIFI connectors like KIWI uses, i emailed KIWI a few months back about it but with no response. There is a chance that with the final Mango release it can see Ad-Hoc because all the code for it is there, it just can not see the connector. So that pretty much leaves a middle man approach, which in short is to have say a computer or something relay the data to the phone. I would think that having to take your laptop with you to get it to display on your phone kind of defeats the whole compactness of using just the phone. I thought about having it relay from say a car computer type system but most car computers already display that data.

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