Monthly Archives: May 2011

Summer Time

Well it is now summer time, finals are over and i think i did OK, official grades will be announced next week.

Summer classes isnt for a few weeks so im hoping to get a lot of development work done.

Most of the next update for OBDMobile is done, mostly final touches and GUI optimizations because its a bit of a mess.

The netbook version of OBDMobile should come out quickly after words, i dont know if i want to wait until they are both done and have some way of integrating the two since they will run off like %90 of the same code or what. I will then start working on the ground work on the Windows Phone 7 version, the problem with that one is that they have not released a blue tooth API for it yet, meaning it might only work with the WIFI version if at all so that’s kind of a downer. I can think of a few ways of getting it to work but none of them are all to pretty. I also want to update Ringtimer, FlickPick and the others and get them out on WP7. People keep asking me for the P90X app so i guess i should release that too. I need to figure out what to do with SideAmp since Microsoft abandoned SideShow. I know a guy who worked on a android/WP& plug in but i have not heard anything from him in a wail. Intel though who have contacting me at least once a month since like forever to get SideAmp on their AppUp marketplace i keep saying that SideAmp is nothing to special and that OBDMobile is better for netbooks but he doesn’t seam to agree. When i gave him a little test demo which i knew i should not have done on both SideAmp and OBDMobile for Netbooks (not connected to a car or gps or anything) it was a huge fail for both programs, lessons learned i guess. Oh well.

Its summer, i should have passed everything and i have some cool projects to work on so im excited, at least until summer classes start.

Finals and Adsense

Well one more day of Finals, two tests left to take.

When i should have been studing i keep adding little things to the site, set up this blog here, comment system there and i then noticed that my Google Adsense is no longer showing up.

Well it looks like it stopped working some time in November of 2010 and i am just now noticing it in May. Well i guess that what happens when i use Ad-Blocker on my own site.
I guess they change the code sometime and i never received a email about it, according to the records they owe me about 12 dollars in past revenue. Oh well ill fix it tomorrow.

Adsense site works fine in IE but not at all in Firefox how amusing. Microsoft is running some contest for student developers through June im hoping to get in on some of that action. Im having a bit of trouble it seams with Microsoft’s Marketplace, its been saying that i have 0 sales ever which i know is a mistake, but i guess its a known cause since like April 5th. They say they are working on it, i wonder if it will just start from zero or will we regain ‘lost’ numbers. Its always something i guess.

Blog, Twitter, Ect

I finally got around to making a blog and a twitter account.

The news page on at will be used for any major updates, releases and so on, and this blog here will be used for the more mundane posts.

For example, late last month it seams that Microsoft sealed off its SideShow developer forum, which means that its probably is killing it off. With no good gadgets or support its no surprise, its to bad because it had some good things going for it. I did have some more plans for it but i guess will no true support anymore it would be pointless. I will probably roll it into other projects.

This week is finals for college but after that is done i will finally have time to finish up a group of projects that has been sitting for months. So expect some cool stuff in the next month or so.